Floodcheck® is an international registered trade mark under

European Patent Number 1078198

Legal action will be taken if there is any infringement of this patent.

WelcomeHi. My name is Bill Saint

I am the original designer and inventor of FLOODCHECK. Thank you so much for visiting my website.and considering using FLOODCHECK to protect your valuable property.

Floodcheck is an intelligent, long-standing, tried and tested, insurance approved product. It will monitor your water use and supply 24/7 and in the event of any leak, however slight, it will turn your water off and give an audible bleep to warn you.

Call me if you need help with anything and remember, all our sales carry a 3 month full cash refund if you're not 100% pleased and satisfied with your. purchase.

So find out what size pipes you have,15, 22 or 28mm (You might need to.consult your plumber for this), and place your order without delay. 

Thanks again for considering Floodcheck.Were ready and delighted to  chat and assist you. I can be contacted on 07803 071001 or

Bill Saint M.I.P.I.